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We work with some of the best non-profit shippers associations and trade associations—all dedicated to helping importers and exporters source reliable transportation services and manage the complexities of international trade and global supply chains.

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The industry's leading shippers associations for cooperative procurement and shipping support

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Gemini Shippers Association

The first shipper association formed after the Shipping Act of 1984, Gemini Shippers serves import and export shippers by offering ocean procurement solutions. Members enjoy global lane coverage, advanced technology and analytics, best-in-class rate management, container visibility and rate audit functionality.


Greenabl Shippers Association

Greenabl is the first shippers association committed to the decarbonization of global supply chains. Frictionless decarbonization is a critical first step to helping shippers meet their ESG goals while working with supply chain partners to create a financial framework for mutual investment in green technologies in the transportation industry.

FASA_Fashion Accessories Shippers Association_Logo mark

Fashion Accessories Shippers Association

For almost 100 years, the Fashion Accessories Shippers Association has helped fashion importers navigate the complex challenges of international trade. Working with industry partners, the association works to progress the needs of the fashion and accessories industry in Washington D.C. and around the globe.

Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association

FJATA represents the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers of jewelry and accessories, serving as the voice to regulatory agencies that need specific industry information and dealing with critical issues helping members navigate the regulatory world.


No matter how much cargo you have, the value of being in a shippers association is scale

Pooling the shipping volumes of members increases opportunities to reduce costs for all members through the power of cooperative procurement. Associations use best-in-class procurement tools and process expertise to ensure their members get the best price and service value.

The flexibility to change carriers is critical to any successful procurement strategy. A shippers association has significantly more flexibility than direct contracting to work with the best carriers.

Simply put, shippers associations add clout to each and every member they serve while at the same time distributing costs over the collective member base.

Carrier integration is challenging, but a shippers association's platform simplifies rate management, rate audit, cargo visibility, and analytics for each container.

Management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.” We believe Mr. Drucker was correct which is why we created Voyix to be a powerful single source of truth for supply chain data. It allows you to visualize your supply chain data, create advanced reporting, and draw actionable insights on-demand.

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