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Transportation procurement is about a lot more than getting the lowest price​

Shippers need to evaluate transportation service providers against the backdrop of the ever-changing demands of their own customers and the realities of ever-changing supply & demand dynamics.

At a time when supply chain reliability is at its worst, shippers need to be at their best.


The knowledge, processes, and technology that importers and exporters need to navigate today’s challenging environment

Transportation Procurement & Consulting

Transportation Network Optimization

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Supply Chain Decarbonization

From bid preparation to ongoing routing guide compliance and carrier performance monitoring, we help shippers of all sizes across all modes of transportation with freight procurement. We are procurement software agnostic and we stay focused on finding the right price and service combinations to meet your needs.

In today’s dynamic freight environment, carrier selection and route optimization is a moving target. We help shippers evaluate their network design and choose the right carriers to fine-tune performance and reduce supply chain risk and variability.

Let’s face it, things don’t always work perfectly. Late cargo, excessive demurrage, and transportation bills are all part of real life. We help diagnose network failures, develop corrective action plans, and design processes to improve your transportation operations. We work with you to develop practical KPIs and scorecards which drive continuous improvement across your supply chain.

The path toward carbon-neutral supply chains by 2050 is not a straight line. However, understanding your technology options for carbon-neutral transport, building meaningful ways to measure and mitigate your carbon footprint, and incorporating your ESG goals into your supply chain network and procurement strategy are all imperatives for the industry. And we can help you get there.


Our team has experience from the loading dock to the boardroom and an innate understanding of how global supply chains work