Operations Management

Transforming plans into reality

Transportation execution support—from the first mile to the last mile​

The Challenge

Bringing your transportation and distribution plans to life is easier said than done​

Both domestic and international supply chains require specialized knowledge and expertise—from the first mile to the last mile and all the special projects in between.

Minimizing total cost of ownership throughout the supply chain
Improved cargo velocity while maintaining service and cost levels
Multimodal, multi-corridor analysis of global operations
our solutions

The knowledge, processes, and technology that importers and exporters need to navigate today’s challenging environment

Last-Mile Operations

Ocean Freight Booking

Special Cargo Management

Our transportation experts can help you design a last-mile network and bring it to life. Using best-in-class processes, we provide support from the arrival notice to the proof of delivery—ensuring that each step of the process is managed and monitored. This includes helping importers and exporters with vendor selection, dray and truck brokerage, and demurrage and detention mitigation.

Not every box is planned for, and shippers need choices to deal with the outliers in their supply chain. Our origin booking control tower helps shippers to make bookings according to their routing guide and source excess capacity when required. In addition, our in-house NVOCC, Constellation Lines, helps shippers secure excess spot capacity as well as ad-hoc charter opportunities, shipper-owned containers, and alternative box sizes.

Not everything fits in a box. We work with shippers to plan, procure, and execute special cargo movements. We bring best-in-class procurement, combined with day-to-day operational expertise to provide a single, neutral solution for your over-dimensional freight and special projects like industrial and renewable energy supply chains.


Improve efficiency of global operations with cutting-edge analysis and deep industry experience