Bringing it all together

A digital technology solution built for the future of logistics​

The Challenge

Data digitization is one of the biggest remaining hurdles in our modern logistics world​

Voyix is designed for shippers, by shippers to simplify global supply chains

Multiple sources of “truth"
Complex & costly integrations
Technology that doesn’t fit


Our integration-friendly Voyix platform provides the single source of truth you’re looking for

A digital suite of transportation SaaS solutions, Voyix is supported by our Operations Management services to create a neutral environment where cargo owners and transportation suppliers can meet to have seamless, transparent, and cost-effective interactions.

Create price, service and data transparency​

Leverage data science to improve supply chain performance

Improve supplier relationships and service levels

how we do it

A cloud-based solution that helps shippers manage their supply chain data in a frictionless, neutral environment supported by a best-in-class tech stack

Provider rate agreements are cumbersome. We take the pain out of carrier contract management with our Voyix platform which uses advanced machine learning and optical character recognition to digitize your rate agreements. This ensures your hard work in procurement makes it to the bill of lading.

Shippers spend a lot of time managing bookings directly with providers. With the Voyix platform, the carrier booking process and routing guide process enables seamless integration with carriers. Shippers can retrieve schedules and submit booking requests with a click of the mouse, ensuring adherence to your routing guides for optimal price and service performance.

Keeping track of all your cargo doesn't have to be complicated or cost a fortune. Voyix integrates with carrier’s via EDI and API to connect terminal systems, ship AIS, and rail and truck data to give you a seamless end-to-end, real-time visibility. Using advanced analytics, we provide dynamic ETAs and exception management reporting to ensure every box get to its intended destination on-time and within budget.

Let’s face it, carrier invoices are not always perfect. To ensure that each and every bill matches the rates you negotiated, Voyix uses advanced matching algorithms to validate EDI invoices against your negotiated rates. Using a tiered exception management process, we alert you and the carrier to ensure expectations are highlighted and corrected prior to the payment being processed. Plus, carrier payments have never been easier with one-click payment integration via the Paycargo platform. Say goodbye to manual checks and timely finance processes.

Management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.” We believe Mr. Drucker was correct which is why we created Voyix to be a powerful, single source of truth for supply chain data. It allows you to visualize your supply chain data, create advanced reporting, and draw actionable insights on-demand.


A highly-effective and customizable solution that enables digital procurement transformation through end-to-end supply chain visibility